July 12, 2013

9986 Manchester Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63122

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as a recommendation on behalf of Mr. Doug Dibona of Paramount Property Management LLC. Doug managed a 180,000 square foot retail center for us in Saugus, MA that reverted to us at the expiration of a master lease. We found Doug to be very hands on and attentive to all of the necessary details that go into effective property management. In fact, Doug's involvement and coordination was integral to the leasing brokers' being able to re-lease the space so quickly after it had been turned over to us. I fully recommend Doug for any property management assignment without hesitation. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions.


Matthias D. Renner
National Real Estate Management Corp.

175 Derby Street Condominium Owners Association
c/oLogue Engineering Co., Inc.
175 Derby Street, Unit 13
Hingham, MA 02043
1-781-740-2612 Fax

July 11, 2013

Dear Property Owner,

I have been an owner at 175 Derby Street since 1986 and on the board since 2008. I have been chairman since 2009 and was interim property manager in 2009. At that time, our property was in need of maintenance and professional management. 175 Derby street consist of 44 office condominiums totaling approximately 75000 sq-ft on a campus setting.

In the fall of 2009, myself and the other four board members searched for a professional management company and through an associate of mine, we were introduced to Paramount Properties and Doug DiBona. We signed a contract with Paramount in December 2009 and have had them managing this property since.

Today, we have a much improved landscaping program, a new entry to the park with a traffic light that was paid by others, enhanced exterior maintenance to all of the buildings, excellent snow removal in the winter and all this for very competitive condominium fees compared to other properties in the area. We are financially sound and have no debt.

These entire tasks mentioned above are done without any heavy lifting from the board members who are appreciated of this since we are all independent business owners.

I strongly recommend Paramount Properties Management-Doug DiBona as a manager for commercial properties.

Very truly yours,

James K. Logue
Chairman-Board of Managers

July 12, 2013

P.O. Box 332
Sharon, MA 02067-0332

RE: Doug DiBona, Paramount Property Management

To Whom this may Concern,

Doug has been managing my 4 properties in Hull, MA since 2003 and has done an excellent job of handling the many difficulties that occur in seaside property. He has been able to keep our costs at or below budget every year. He has been able to manage several emergencies that we have had during strong Nor’easters and is on call for us 24/7. We have never had any problems finding him when we needed him. On many occasions we have received compliments from our tenants for both Doug’s service and his easy going demeanor. He has saved us money by performing preventative maintenance on our properties and he is excellent in identifying potential problems. This has saved us money. I would recommend Doug and his company for anyone who has property that they need managed in an economical and efficient manner. He uses only first class subcontractors to perform maintenance and repairs. I can honestly say we have had no issues with anyone of his associates who have performed repairs on my properties. He has gone above and beyond in servicing our properties. He is a very knowledgeable tradesman who knows much about many different aspects of property maintenance and management. We originally hired Doug 10 yeas ago to perform some plumbing repairs on our property and soon started using him to handle the entire property management. We do not regret this decision.

I would highly recommend Doug if you are looking for an honest, hard working manager. He is more than qualified to handle all of your management needs.


Bonnie Klayman, Manager
Nantasket Real Estate, LLC